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Learning about patients’ experiences can help hospitals and healthcare services to identify how and where they need to make improvements in the safety and quality of the health care they provide.

The Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set (AHPEQS) enables hospitals and healthcare services to ask recent patients about their experiences of treatment and care. The questions have been found to be reliable and valid both for patients who are admitted to hospital for a night or more and for patients who have a day-only admission to hospital or day-stay clinic.

I have come to believe that we—patients, families, clinicians, and the health care system as a whole—would all be far better off if we professionals recalibrated our work such that we behaved with patients and families not as hosts in the care system, but as guests in their lives. I suggest that we should without equivocation make patient-centeredness a primary quality dimension all its own... .

Berwick, D. (2009), What ‘patient-centred’ should mean: confessions of an extremist