Gold Standard Auditor Training - Hand Hygiene


The Commission is currently in the final stages of consultation with the states and territories, and the private sector, to develop a new auditor training framework for General Auditors and Gold Standard Auditors. The new framework and supporting resources will be available by the end of April 2023. The Commission will continue to provide information on the status of this project on this website.

New South Wales and Victoria currently have arrangements for training Gold Standard Auditors (GSAs) for public health service organisations. Information about GSA workshops in those states can be obtained by contacting the relevant Jurisdictional Coordinator.

There are no formal arrangements for other states and territories or the private sector at present. Currently there are nearly 1,300 GSAs nationally who can provide General Auditor (GA) training. These GSAs are encouraged to provide GA training to staff from their organisation, or their networks, and other organisations, where possible.