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Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

The Charter describes what consumers, or someone they care for, can expect when receiving health care.

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The Charter describes the rights that consumers, or someone they care for, can expect when receiving health care.

These rights apply to all people in all places where health care is provided in Australia. This includes public and private hospitals, day procedure services, general practice and other community health services.

  • The Charter

    View the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

  • Resources

    A range of resources to support the use of the Charter are available. 

  • Useful Contacts

    This page lists a number of organisations who may be able to advise or support you if you have a question about your healthcare rights.

The Charter can, if needed, be adapted to meet the specific needs of the state, territory, local district or health service organisation; however, the seven original rights should remain in place. 


If you have any questions about the Charter, please contact the Partnering with Consumers team on (02) 9126 3600 or by email at

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