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Partnering with consumers

Partnering with consumers is a key priority of the Commission. It is about actively working with people who use the healthcare system to ensure that care is safe, high-quality and meets people’s needs. It is embedded in health service organisations through the Partnering with Consumers Standard.

Partnering with consumers involves treating consumers with dignity and respect, sharing information, and encouraging participation and collaboration.

There is good evidence that working in partnership with consumers, and fostering person-centred approaches to care can help improve the safety and quality of care.

Embedding partnerships with consumers into systems and processes

The Commission supports health service organisations in understanding the value of partnerships with consumers, how to engage with consumers and integrate person-centred approaches through the Partnering with Consumers Standard, and through the development of supportive resources


Benefits of person-centred care


You can contact the Commission's Partnering with Consumers program via email.

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