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Partnering with consumers

Partnering with consumers is about actively working with people who use the healthcare system to ensure that care is safe, high-quality and meets people’s needs.

Partnering with consumers involves treating consumers with dignity and respect, sharing information, and encouraging participation and collaboration.

There is good evidence that working in partnership with consumers, and fostering person-centred approaches to care can help improve the safety and quality of care.

Benefits of person-centred care

Embedding partnerships with consumers into systems and processes

The Commission supports health service organisations in understanding the value of partnerships with consumers, how to engage with consumers and integrate person-centred approaches through the Partnering with Consumers Standard, and through the development of supportive resources

  • Information for consumers

    The Commission has developed a range of resources for consumers about safety and quality.

  • Decision support tools

    Decision support tools on antibiotic use and osteoarthritis of the knee.

  • Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

    The Charter describes what consumers can expect when receiving health care. The second edition of the Charter, and a range of resources, will be launched in August 2019.

  • Top Tips for Safe Health Care

    The Top Tips are designed to help consumers get the most out of their health care. Translations of the Top Tips are available.

  • Health literacy

    The Commission has developed a National Statement of Health Literacy, fact sheets and other supportive resources.

  • Shared decision making

    Tools and resources to support shared decision making between clinicians and consumers. A free e-learning module is also available.

  • Person-centred care

    Person-centred care is care that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of the individual person.

  • Person-centred healthcare organisations

    Information about the attributes of high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations.

  • Measuring partnerships with consumers

    Resources to help health service organisations and clinicians measure, monitor and improve their approach to partnership with consumers.

  • Partnering with consumers in the NSQHS Standards

    Information about the Partnering with Consumers NSQHS Standard, frequently asked questions and other resources.

  • Resources and publications

    The Commission has developed a range of supportive resources on partnering with consumers and person-centred care.

  • Informed consent

    Resources to help consumers, clinicians and health service organisations understand and implement the key principles of informed consent.


You can contact the Commission's Partnering with Consumers program via email:

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