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Released in 2015, the first Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation investigates healthcare use in seven clinical areas: antimicrobials, psychotropic medicines, fibre optic colonoscopy, knee arthroscopy, hysterectomy and endometrial ablation and cataract surgery.

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Full Atlas

The full Atlas can be downloaded using the link below. Please be aware this download may take some time due to the size of the Atlas (150MB):

Publication, report or update

Individual Atlas sections and their associated data files can be downloaded below:


Publication, report or update

(missing file - Investigating and addressing unwarranted variation (66 KB)

Chapter 1 - Antimicrobials dispensing

Chapter 2 - Diagnostic interventions

(missing file - 2.0)

Chapter 3 - Surgical interventions

Chapter 4 - Interventions for mental health and psychotropic medicines

(missing file - 4.4 antidepressants 65+)

Chapter 5 - Opioid medicines

Chapter 6 Interventions for chronic diseases

(missing file - 6.7 heart failure)

Technical supplement

(missing file to be inserted)

PHN level data