Better Care Everywhere – Program Series

What is healthcare variation? What does it tell us about appropriateness of care and patient outcomes? In your role, what can you do about unwarranted healthcare variation?

The Better Care Everywhere: Healthcare variation in practice program will answer these questions and more in the first program of its kind dedicated to reducing unwarranted variation in clinical care across Australia. 

Better Care Everywhere Program Series

This exciting program kicks off in February 2021.

Join in to hear thought-provoking speakers discuss key drivers of healthcare variation and present ways in which people working in health care in Australia are making changes to reduce unwarranted variation and improve appropriateness of care.

Due to ongoing uncertainties with the COVID-19 pandemic, the program replaces the face-to-face Better Care Everywhere – Healthcare variation in practice conference.

Online program

Under the new program, a series of online presentations and webinars with live Q&A sessions will feature high profile healthcare experts and clinicians.

Hosted by the Commission, the program will focus on clinical topics from the Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation series, which explores how healthcare use in Australia varies depending on where people live. There will be an emphasis on practical approaches to identifying, investigating and addressing unwarranted healthcare variation.

Understanding and reducing unwarranted variation in care is an important step in improving patient health outcomes through appropriate care.

Who should participate?

Whether you are a frontline clinician, a health service leader or manager, a policy maker or an academic – the program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to identify, investigate and address healthcare variation, so that we can deliver the right care, for the right person at the right time. It will also be of interest to consumers who want to make sure they receive the right health care, no matter where they live.

More info

Details on the program schedule, registrations and how to participate are coming soon.

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