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How to use the interactive maps and graphs

Watch our short video tutorials to learn more about the features of the interactive maps and graphs in the Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation series. 

Interactive maps are a feature of each Atlas in the Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation series.  The third and fourth Atlases also have interactive graphs.

Use the maps and graphs to:

  • View data by national, state, Primary Health Network (PHN) and local area (Statistical Area Level-3; SA3)
  • Compare SA3 and PHN rates across a state or nationally
  • View data across years

Watch the short tutorials below to learn more about using and interpreting the interactive maps and graphs in the fourth Atlas. There are small differences in the display between Atlases.

Rates across Australia - interactive map

Rates by local area - interactive histogram graph

Rates by state and territory - interactive string of pearls graph

Rates across years - interactive 'turnip' graph and bar graphs

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