National hand hygiene audit data - Audit 3, 2020


Hand hygiene is an essential element of infection prevention and control practice.

Hand hygiene compliance is assessed against a national benchmark set by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council; the current national benchmark is 80%.

Historically, there have been three national audits conducted each year. However, following consideration of the outcomes of the Commission's consultation in regard to the NHHI, and in the context of COVID-19, data collection for the NHHI in 2020 was not mandatory for Audit Period 2.  As the situation regarding community transmission improved around Australia, the Commission updated requirements for Audit 3, 2020, which returned to a mandatory audit, unless exempted by a state and territory regulator.

The aggregated data for Audit Three 2020 are now available. While encouraged to continue to participate in hand hygiene audits, Victorian health service organisations were exempted from mandatory provision of data.