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Question Builder

Question Builder is a free online tool to help you think about the questions you might like to ask your doctor, and to prepare for questions they may ask you when you go to an appointment.

Use Question Builder


To go to the Question Builder click here: Question Builder

What is the Question Builder?

The Question Builder is an online tool that takes you through a series of steps, from selecting which type of appointment you are preparing for, to developing the questions that you would like to ask and helping you to prioritise the most important questions to ask first.

These questions can then be printed or emailed to a phone/device for use during the appointment.

Whether you are seeing a doctor for a new condition, having a check-up, talking about a recurring health condition, or discussing medication, a test or surgery, Question Builder can help you to get the most out of your appointment with your doctor.

The Commission has developed Question Builder in partnership with Healthdirect Australia. 

Question Builder is a tool originally developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in the United States: Questions To Ask Your Doctor: Questions Are The Answer, September 2012. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.


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