Supportive resources on health literacy

The Commission has developed a range of resources for consumers, clinicians and health service organisations to support improvements in health literacy.

National statement on health literacy

Background paper on health literacy

Summary sheets about health literacy

The following resources summarise information from Health literacy: Taking action for safety and quality.

Publication, report or update
Publication, report or update
Publication, report or update

Health literacy infographics

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Fact sheets for health service organisations on improving their health literacy environment 

The following fact sheets link staff working in quality improvement to a range of tools and examples to help you plan how to improve your organisation’s health literacy environment.

Rapid review on consumer needs and preferences for health information

These two reports describe the findings of a rapid review of literature, and exploration of consumers’ needs and preferences for information on healthcare safety and quality.

Tools and resources for consumers to partner in their own care

Tools and resources are available to support consumers to be active partners in their own care.