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Person-centred care is widely recognised as a foundation to safe, high-quality healthcare.

To support healthcare organisations deliver person-centred care, the Commission engaged Nous Group (a consulting firm) to conduct a review of the key attributes shared by healthcare organisations that are high-performing in person-centred care. The review consisted of over 90 peer-reviewed publications and grey literature and eight site visits to health services in Australia and internationally. Seven key attributes were identified as:


Attribute wheel for webpage


Each attribute has a number of elements, and together they provide an ideal organisation model for supporting consistent and excellent person-centred care.

The final report of the review, including case studies for each of the sites is available at:

Review of key attributes of high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations

Person-centred care is also embedded throughout the second edition of the NSQHS Standards. The NSQHS Standards are mandatory for all Australian hospitals, and assessment to the NSQHS Standards (second edition) be from 1 January 2019.

Healthcare organisations that excel in the attributes will also meet some of the actions in the NSQHS Standards (2nd ed.) that support the delivery of person-centred care.

For more information visit: NSQHS Standards (second edition)

Supporting resources

The Commission has developed a number of resources to help support healthcare organisations to achieve excellent person-centred care. These include:

Fact sheet 1 – Achieving great person-centred care

Fact sheet 2 – Attribute – Comprehensive care delivery

Fact sheet 3 – Attribute – Purpose strategy leadership

Fact sheet 4 – Attribute – People capability and a person-centred culture

Fact sheet 5 – Attribute – Person-centred governance systems

Fact sheet 6 – Attribute – Strong external partnerships

Fact sheet 7 – Attribute – Person-centred technology and built environment

Fact sheet 8 – Attribute – Measurement for improvement

Fact sheet 9 – For managers – supporting person-centred organisations

Fact sheet 10 – For governing bodies – supporting person-centred organisations

Self Assessment tool – Person-centred healthcare organisations (PDF)

Self Assessment tool – Person-centred healthcare organisations (Word)

PowerPoint for healthcare organisations – key attributes of person-centred organisations

Case studies

Case study 1 – Riverland General Hospital and Country Health SA

Case study 2 – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Sydney LHD NSW

Case study 3 – John Fawkner Private Hospital VIC

Case study 4 – Sunshine Hospital and Western LHN VIC

Case study 5 – Carolinas Medical Center USA

Case study 6 – Sea Mar Community Centers USA

Case study 7 – Jonkoping Healthcare Service Sweden

Case study 8 – Kingston Health Sciences Centre Canada