Cataract Clinical Care Standard

The Commission drafted the Cataract Clinical Care Standard (CCS) in consultation with a Topic Working Group consisting of clinical experts and consumers.


The Cataract CCS will relate to the care of patients 18 years and over with cataract. It covers the assessment of patients with suspected cataract, cataract surgery where appropriate and postoperative care to complete visual rehabilitation.

This clinical care standard will apply to all healthcare settings where care is provided to patients with cataract including primary care, hospitals and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services and privately operated eye clinics.

The development of the Cataract CCS follows a recommendation in the Second Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation (2017) to develop a clinical care standard on cataract surgery. The Atlas found that Australia has twice the rate of cataract surgery (8,000 per million) compared to New Zealand, but less than that of France, the Netherlands and the United States. It also reported 1.6 fold geographical variation across local areas, following the exclusion of the highest and lowest results (includes public and private data).  

Next Steps

The draft Cataract Clinical Care Standard was amended following public consultation. The final document has been forwarded to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Committee (AHMAC) and is expected to be released in the second half of 2020.