Adverse drug reaction (ADR) sticker

The national inpatient medication chart (NIMC) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) hospital medication chart (HMC) are designed so that a single adverse drug reaction (ADR) alert sticker can be applied on both pages 3 and 4.

Uses of adverse drug reaction sticker

The ADR alert sticker is intended to:

  • Draw the attention of prescribers, dispensers, administrators and reconcilers to previous patient ADRs and allergies
  • Reduce re-prescribing of medicines that have caused ADRs and allergic reactions.

Allergies and adverse drug reactions section of the NIMC

Clinicians are required to complete this for all patients. If a previous ADR exists, they should:

  • Document the (a) Name of the drug/substance, and (b) Reaction details (e.g. rash, diarrhoea) and type of reaction (e.g. allergy, anaphylaxis)
  • Affix an ADR alert sticker to pages 3 and 4 of the NIMC in the spaces provided.

ADR alert resources