Implementation resources – Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard

A list of all resources available to support implementation of the Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard by healthcare services and clinicians including fact sheets, consumer resources and quick guides for general practitioners and emergency departments.

Low back pain - Joe's story

In Australia, back problems are the second most common reason we go to a GP and one of the top five reasons we present to the emergency department.

In this video, Joe shares his experience of low back pain and provides insights on what aspects of his care were helpful, and what helped him manage his pain successfully.

Fact sheets

These guides explain what the clinical care standard means for consumers, clinicians and healthcare services.

Quick guides

These quick guides provide an overview of the care described in the clinical care standard for general practitioners and emergency department physicians, with key actions and communication tips.

Patient information

These fact sheets have been developed for patients to provide information about self-management strategies and answer some common questions about low back pain.