Information for Healthcare Services – Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard

Information for healthcare services to guide practice and monitor improvement using the clinical care standard, and resources to support implementation.

The Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard contains eight quality statements describing the care that should be received by patients aged 16 years and over who present with low back pain, with or without leg pain.

It may be applied in all healthcare settings where such care is provided, but is particularly relevant to primary healthcare services and emergency departments.

A set of indicators is provided to support healthcare services to monitor how well they are implementing the care recommended in this clinical care standard and to support local quality improvement activities.

What the quality statements mean for healthcare services

Communications kit

communications kit has been developed to support the launch of the Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard. Show your support for the clinical care standard by downloading and sharing the content on your website, social networks or within your health service organisation.

Resources for healthcare services

The resources below will support healthcare services to implement the Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard.

Other implementation resources are also available including guidance for clinicians and resources for consumers.

Meeting the requirements of national standards

Implementing this clinical care standard as part of a quality improvement activity can help healthcare services meet the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, and the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards (Primary and Community Healthcare Standards).

Within both sets of standards, the Clinical Governance Standard and the Partnering with Consumers Standard set the overarching requirements, or clinical governance framework, for the effective implementation of the other standards.

More information

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