Assessment to the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards

Accreditation provides assurances to the community that a healthcare service meets expected standards for safety and quality. It is a formal program in which trained independent reviewers assess a healthcare service’s evidence of implementation of the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards.


Assessment to the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards involves a number of steps, conducted by an accrediting agency approved by the Commission. Once the healthcare service has entered into a contractual arrangement with the accrediting agency of choice, the assessment process will generally involve:

  1. Application for not applicable actions - The healthcare service may apply to the nominated accrediting agency for relevant actions to be rated ‘not applicable’ at assessment.
  2. Initial assessment – using the selected model of assessment, the accrediting agency will:
    • Review evidence provided by the healthcare service to demonstrate they have implemented the relevant actions in the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards and award a rating for each action.
    • Advise the healthcare service of any actions rated ‘not met’ at the time of assessment
    • Provide an initial report to the healthcare service within five business days of the conclusion of the initial assessment.
  3. Remediation period – where relevant actions assessed have been rated ‘not met’, the healthcare service will be given 60 business days to implement changes to demonstrate they have met the requirements of the specified actions.
  4. Final assessment – the accrediting agency will conduct a final assessment within 65 business days of the Initial Assessment, using the selected model of assessment, to determine if actions rated ‘not met’ have been remediated, as well as whether any improvements have been made to actions rated ‘met with recommendations’.
  5. Determination of accreditation – the accrediting agency will determine whether the healthcare service has satisfied the requirements of the assessment. The healthcare service will be awarded accreditation if all relevant actions in the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards are rated as ‘met’ or ‘met with recommendations’. The period of accreditation awarded will be dependent on the model of assessment used.

Detailed information about how assessments are conducted, rules and policies that apply are outlined in the following section.

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