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NSQHS Standards (second edition)

NSQHS Standards (second edition) coverThe second edition of the NSQHS Standards was endorsed by Health Ministers in June 2017, and released in November 2017.

The second edition addresses gaps identified in the first edition, including mental health and cognitive impairment, health literacy, end-of-life care, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

It also updates the evidence for actions, consolidates and streamlines standards and actions to make them clearer and easier to implement.

Assessment to the second edition will commence from 1 January 2019. Health service organisations will be informed of the transition arrangements well in advance of implementation.

The second edition was developed by the Commission in consultation with the Australian Government state and territory partners, consumers, the private sector and other stakeholders.

Download a copy of the second edition here: – Resources – NSQHS Standards Implementation resources

Implementation resources

The Commission has developed a series of resources to support health service organisations implement the second edition of the NSQHS Standards.

Download a copy of the resources using the link below: – Resources – NSQHS Standards Implementation resources

Fact sheets

The Commission has developed summary fact sheets to introduce health service organisations to the second edition.

  • National Model Clinical Governance Framework fact sheets
  • Implementing the NSQHS Standards fact sheets

Download a copy of the fact sheets using the link below: – Resources – NSQHS Standards Implementation resources


For advisories that relate to the second edition of the NSQHS Standards, please use the link below: – Assessment – Advisories

Information for consumers

Three fact sheets have been developed for consumers about the NSQHS Standards. Developed in consultation with consumers and the state-based health consumer organisations, the fact sheets share advice on what consumers can expect in each of the following areas.

Download a copy of the consumer resources using the link below: – Resources – Consumers resources

Printing resources to support NSQHS Standards (second edition)

The PDF versions of the resources available on this page can be used to print copies from standard printers.

To print these resources at a commercial printer, please use the following link to request print-ready files:
Request for NSQHS Standards (second edition) commercial design files

Assessor orientation course

Registration for the NSQHS Standards Assessor Orientation Course is now open. For more information, please visit the link below:

Assessment to the NSQHS Standards – NSQHS Standards (second edition) – Assessor Orientation Course Enrolment Form

If you already have a user name and password, visit to get started.

NSQHS Standards Monitoring Tool

The Commission developed the monitoring tool as part of a suite of resources to assist health service organisations to implement the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (second edition). This monitoring tool allows health service organisations to track the progress of implementing each standard. It should be used together with the relevant NSQHS Standards Guide and the Accreditation Workbook.

Download a copy of the NSQHS Standards Monitoring Tool or view the tutorials using the link below: – Resources – Assessment and accreditation resources
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Last updated: 9 August 2018