Finding good health information online

Good health information is important and can help you make informed decisions. These resources contain tips to help consumers find good health information online.

Partnering with consumers

Partnering with consumers is about actively working with people who use the healthcare system to ensure that care is safe, high-quality and meets people’s needs.

Measuring partnerships with consumers

Monitoring, measuring and evaluating consumer partnerships is vital to ensure that these partnerships achieve their objectives and meet the needs of patients, carers, families, consumers, the workforce and the health service.

Report on person-centred healthcare organisations

Seven key attributes common in high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations have been identified. Collectively, the seven attributes provide an ideal organisational model for supporting consistent and excellent person-centred care.

Risk communication module

The Commission has developed an online education module on shared decision-making that focuses on communicating risk.

Person-centred care

A person’s care experience is influenced by the way they are treated as a person, and by the way they are treated for their condition. The ultimate goal of our health system is to deliver high-quality care that is safe, of value and to provide an ideal experience for patients, their carers and family.


Working with your healthcare provider

The Commission has developed resources to help you talk to you healthcare provider about what is important to you, your treatment options, and to help you share decisions about your care.

Review of high-quality consumer health information

The Commission has undertaken four environmental scans to consider the content and quality of consumer information about cataract surgery, tonsillectomy in children, heavy menstrual bleeding, and birth options.