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Evaluating person-centred care in healthcare organisations

Evaluation and monitoring are critical aspects of any performance improvement. Evaluation should be conducted to identify areas of need, and ongoing monitoring should measure improvement and assist in the maintenance of standards.

To evaluate person-centred care, it is important to assess performance from both an organisation and patient viewpoint.

Evaluations by the organisation

Organisations as a whole or specific departments can assess their performance in person-centred care. Use the tool to assess your organisation’s performance and start to plan change

These fact sheets help governing bodies and managers assess their own organisations against the key attributes of high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations

Key concepts and issues to be addressed in measuring and evaluating consumer partnerships and meeting the Partnering with Consumers Standard

Evaluations by patients

Feedback from patients provides a direct measure of how well healthcare organisations are delivering person-centred care. AHPEQS is a survey used by healthcare organisations to ask recent patients about their experiences of treatment and care

Evidence and examples of PROMs, which support person-centred care by providing a way of measuring health outcomes from the patient's perspective

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