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Person-centred Care Network

Connect with us for the best in person-centred care.

The Network brings together people from Australia and beyond with a shared interest in strengthening the delivery of person-centred care, through peer support and shared learning. 

Network members receive our newsletter Person-Centred Care Insights to support and inspire their efforts. It’s a great way to keep up to date with innovative initiatives and projects, new resources as well as with research and publications.

Members can also showcase work occurring in their organisations, by responding to our calls for newsletter content. By sharing stories of successful implementation, research findings, or innovative approaches, members can support understanding of person-centred care and strengthen collaboration across the network. 

Keep up to date

Stay informed about the latest news and important announcements by subscribing to the Person-centred Care Network.

Read the latest issues of Person-Centred Care Insights

  • Issue 3 - 21 December 2023

    Discover a rich array of resources empowering person-centred care: our robust Resource Hub, innovative initiatives, new support materials, ongoing research projects, and the latest expert publications.

  • Issue 2 - 22 August 2023

    Explore our comprehensive resource hub for continuous professional development, as well as innovative person-centred care initiatives from our network members.

  • Issue 1 - 10 March 2023

    Learn about our person-centred care resource hub, using the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights to support diversity and inclusion, patient-reported measures and more.

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