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Clinical governance and quality improvement to support comprehensive care


Systems are in place to support clinicians to deliver comprehensive care.

Taking an organisation-wide and systematic approach to the delivery of comprehensive care will help to ensure consistent experiences of comprehensive care for patients, and consistent expectations for clinicians and other members of the workforce about how to deliver comprehensive care.

This criterion requires organisation-wide governance, leadership and commitment to support delivery of comprehensive care and minimise patient harm.

To meet this criterion, health service organisations are required to:

  • Integrate clinical governance and apply quality improvement systems

  • Apply principles of partnering with consumers, health literacy and shared decision making when developing and implementing organisational processes for comprehensive care and minimising patient harm

  • Implement organisational systems and processes to support effective delivery of comprehensive care and minimise patient harm.

This criterion aligns closely with the Clinical Governance Standard and the Partnering with Consumers Standard.


Integrating clinical governance

Applying quality improvement systems

Partnering with consumers

Designing systems to deliver comprehensive care

Collaboration and teamwork

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