Open disclosure

This is the open discussion of incidents that result in harm to a patient while receiving health care with the patient, their family, carers and other support persons.

New consumer resources on open disclosure

Our two new fact sheets increase understanding of the open disclosure process, and support communication between clinicians and consumers. Both fact sheets are available in easy English versions and translated into 25 community languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic and more.

See Open Disclosure resources for consumers web page to view all language translations

Fact sheet or brochure

This is a short fact sheet about open disclosure and healthcare rights.

Fact sheet or brochure

This is a fact sheet with specific information for a person and/or their support people when starting the open disclosure process. This includes what to expect during the process, how to access support and how to prepare for open disclosure discussions.

Open Disclosure Program

The essential elements of open disclosure are outlined in the national Australian Open Disclosure Framework.

The Commission’s Open Disclosure Program:

  • Maintains the Australian Open Disclosure Framework
  • Participates in, and coordinates national open disclosure projects and research.

Accreditation and open disclosure

Health service organisations are required to implement open disclosure as part of the Clinical Governance Standard in the second edition of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

Open disclosure resources

The Commission has developed resources to implement and conduct open disclosure including the Australian Open Disclosure Framework.

There are also other resources and materials related to open disclosure. 

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