Person-centred healthcare organisations

Understanding the characteristics of organisations that deliver excellent person-centred care can help guide improvement across the healthcare system.

Review of attributes of high-performing person-centred organisations

The Commission, in partnership with Nous Group, undertook a review of literature and interviewed a range of people working within eight Australian and international health service organisations that are known to deliver great person-centred care.

The aim of the review was to identify the common attributes among these organisations that could be used to guide other organisations looking at building person-centred culture and practice.  

The review identified seven attributes that were common within these organisations:


Attribute wheel for webpage

Each attribute has a number of elements, and together they provide an ideal organisation model for supporting consistent and excellent person-centred care.

Person-centred care is also embedded throughout the NSQHS Standards (second edition). Healthcare organisations that excel in the attributes will also meet some of the actions in the NSQHS Standards (2nd ed.) that support the delivery of person-centred care.

Additional resources on the attributes of high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations can be found on the Supportive resources page.