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Interim accreditation for new health service organisations

Specific requirements apply to newly established health service organisations being assessed to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

As newly established health service organisations have no history of providing care to patients,  they will not necessarily be able to meet all 148 actions in the eight NSQHS Standards. These organisations need to be assessed against a version of the NSQHS Standards where some actions are designated not applicable, and the requirements of other actions are prescribed.  Organisations must undergo interim assessment within 10 days of commencing operation and must be assessed against all eight NSQHS Standards within 12 months. 

The Guide for Interim Accreditation can be used by hospitals and day procedure services preparing for accreditation at the commencement of operations.  It provides a guide to systems and processes that should be in place when the organisation commences and it serves as a reference for accrediting agencies when assessing new organisations.

An advisory has also been issued to describe arrangements for accreditation of newly established health service organisations.

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