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Medication information resources for patients

Consumers need to learn about the medicines they use and how an up-to-date medicines list is essential. They can keep track of all the medicines they are using with a medicines list, and show this information when they visit a health service or are admitted to hospital.

Preventing medicine mistakes

The Commission and NPS MedicineWise jointly developed a consumer resource to highlight this. The consumer information leaflet (A4 size) and wallet (A5 size) provide tips on how consumers can be involved in preventing medicine mistakes when:

  • Going into and coming out of hospital
  • Changing wards
  • Seeing different clinicians.

The wallets are designed to be provided to patients on discharge from hospital, and can hold the discharge medicines list and other medicines information.

Consumer information resources

Consumer information leaflets

NPS MedicineWise has a range of educational materials available for consumers as part of its Be MedicineWise campaign.

Consumer information wallet: Important information about your medicines

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