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The Commission convened the National Patient Blood Management Collaborative (NPBMC) Showcase on Friday 2 June 2017. 12 participating health services presented their key achievements during their time in the NPBMC and shared information in improvements regarding patient blood management (PBM), their key learning in implementing this quality improvement process, key messages for other health services for PBM and how participating in the Collaborative made a difference to their hospital and their patients.

Key outcomes of the NPBMC improved assessment and management of anaemia and iron deficiency across participating sites and improved integration of care between primary and acute service systems.  Reduced red cell transfusions were achieved for patients and in the overall number of units.  The participating teams were successful in changing clinical practice and workflow resulting in improvements in the preoperative management of patients.  Collaborative sites worked to embed patient blood management related activities within the usual work of the health service with a view to ensuring long term sustainability.

Information included in the presentations will be of benefit to other health services across Australia.

Health Service Posters from the NPBMC Showcase:

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